Tribal Jewelry Online is the nation’s #1 source for handmade beaded tribal jewelry.

Our tribal beaded jewelry is made of small beautiful Czech glass beads to get the best detail, with beautiful accents which are delicately hand strung into different custom designs. They are designed in a manner which make the beads and color flow together to create a stunning look.

These marvelous designs blend flawlessly to create an elegant piece of jewelry. At Tribal Jewelry Online, we work with only the best Native and tribal jewelry artisans in the industry to produce a huge variety of earrings and necklaces.

Here you will discover timeless examples that capture the style and spiritual inspiration of our Native and tribal jewelry. Tribal lore from around the world is replete with examples of the designs and beads used in such jewelry that have the power to assist us to create an optimal balance with the Earth.

Browse our collection of tribal jewelry to find the perfect selection for you. This style is becoming increasingly popular with our customers thanks to its colorful appearance, durability and stylish elegance. We are sure it will become evident why our customers select Tribal Jewelry Online for their beaded jewelry needs. You won’t find a larger selection of hand-strung beaded earrings and necklaces anywhere. Plus, we have the best prices in the industry on the most sought-after and diverse styles.

Find the perfect piece to complement any occasion. Stun your friends and family with gorgeous multicolor glass bead earrings and necklaces with beautiful intricate beadwork. Every piece of jewelry we carry is its own work of art.  Enjoy!

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Comments from our Customers!

Patricia D., WA

I just received my new porcupine quill earrings. They're fabulous! Every time I wear the beautiful earrings I purchased, I get numerous positive comments. Many of the pieces are stunning.

Annette H., ID

Ordering from Tribal Jewelry Online is a delight. I had some questions about the artisans and Anne quickly got back to me with interesting information.  I ordered earrings as a gift for a friend's upcoming birthday. They are beautiful. Even though they are long, they are wonderfully light. I know my friend will love them. She has a lovely long neck and these are going to look great on her!  I am happy to recommend Tribal Jewelry Online.

Amanda F., FL

I don't usually wear earrings that dangle, but after wearing my first pair of Anne's Native Shoshone earrings, I am hooked! They are so light I barely know they are there, but everyone else does! They are beautiful and unique...a must have!

Coral C., FL

I can't begin to tell you how thrilled I am with my jewelry. The black and gold necklace and earring set turns heads everywhere I go. People want to know where I got it. I have a number of your earring sets. I love them all - the colors absolutely pop! They are so brilliant and sparkly. I can't wait until I can expand my collection. Thanks so much for making such high quality beaded jewelry available to us on one convenient site.

Sue L., FL

I’ve studied the Native American Tribes since 1975. I’ve watched many Elders of different Native American Tribes create their handcrafted works of art: the Lakota, the Osage, the Mohawks, Choctah, Cherokee, Muscogee Cree, Seminole, Navajo, Zuni, Hopi, Northern Cheyenne, Pawnee and Apache. The Shoshone beadwork is made in the traditional way, and of the highest quality I’ve ever seen. The beads used are those used in Ceremonial Regalia. They are of the highest quality. I was blown away when I saw this beadwork!

Liza V., CT

I purchased the black and gold earrings from, and though they were beautiful on the website, they were absolutely gorgeous in person. A good friend told me that she gets stopped on the streets when she wears her pair! I now see why. Other than the fact that they are unique and beautiful, I like that I can dress them up or down. The company was professional, responsive to my questions about the products and delivered my earrings in a timely manner. I'll gladly do business with them in the future and highly recommend them and these beautiful earrings!

Gail S., FL

I’ve worn my beautiful, shiny silver/brown/black Shoshone earrings three times, and all three times I received compliments. If you don’t like to be noticed and you don’t like to be complimented, these earrings aren’t for you! I found Anne to be very accommodating. I really wanted the earrings, but couldn’t get them on the day I found them. Anne was willing to put them aside and hold them for a day. I really appreciate it. I really love my earrings!

Maureen D., FL

A few weeks ago I bought a pair of beautiful earrings from Anne. Every piece of jewelry was so precious it was hard to choose just one set. Anne was very helpful and patient. I usually do not wear long earrings but these were so light I forgot I had them on. I wore them last weekend and received many compliments. This is just the beginning of my collection of Tribal Jewelry. Thanks Anne.